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What is Date "N" Dine?

Date'N' Dine was created to spark excitement and bring those tingly feelings back into dating for serious singles. We set up blind dates at restaurants/bars or arrange for singles to take part in fun activities.


Why should you take part/sign up?

Life is short and you have tried various other dating apps/methods so why not try something new and exciting! Worst case scenario, if you don't find your match, it's a story to tell the grandkids!


So sign up today and get one step closer to meeting your potential match!

How it works?


  1. Fill out the form

  2. We assess your information and make matches

  3. We contact you to arrange your blind date

  4. You arrive at the restaurant/activity, meet your date and enjoy your evening!

Complete the "About us" form telling us about yourself and your ideal partner. PRconnexions takes your details and gets to work. 


Each week a few people will be selected based on compatibility and set up on a blind date. Every event is invite only and guests will receive a complimentary drink upon arrival.

Tickets purchased will cover the cost of our (PRconnexions) matching services including setting up and facilitating the date as well as any post date consultation. 


Please note, your ticket does NOT cover the cost of your meal. You are responsible for the cost of your date i.e. food bill, bowling admission etc.

Privacy notice

We take the security of your personal information very seriously.

The details you give us will NOT be passed on to any 3rd party organisations and will be used solely for the purpose of finding you a potential suitor.  

We only keep your details on our system for 90 days from the date of submission, during this time we will be working on finding you a match. 

You have every right to remove your information from our database before the 90 days is up.


If you wish to do so, please email us at

Now let's get started and have some fun! 

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