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Frequently asked questions 

What exactly does PR Connexions do?


  • In a nutshell we facilitate a range of intimate events to bring people together in a relaxed and fun environment . 

What type of events do you host ?


  • YOU GOT GAME ( Games night ) 

  • Throwin' It Down (  Cooking Event)

How frequently do you run your events ?

As we are still working on finding more convenient venues for you , once or twice a month. Check out upcoming events page for the latest. 


What is your refund policy?

We do not tend to accept refunds unless you have extenuating circumstances,  which would need to be at our discretion and we have the right to refuse this. 

Any requests would need be sent no less than a week before the event. Reason being we need to cover costs of the venues and any extras to host these events for you . 

The only time we would give an automatic refund is if our events are cancelled . 

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